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My Love of Paleo!

Hey everyone, welcome to my very first blog post! I’ve never really blogged before, so I have done a bit of brainstorming over what kinds of things I’d like to share and I have a ton of different ideas that go in all sorts of directions. One thing that I … Read More »

Connecting forms of art

The creation of the first operas in the early 17th Century marked a groundbreaking artistic and conceptual phenomenon. The goal of writing an opera was to combine every form of art (music, painting, acting, design, sculpture, etc.) into one fantastic spectacle that was to be the most superior form of … Read More »


Click here to watch the video on YouTube Now “Avalanche” represents the point in a failing relationship where both sides recognize that it isn’t going to work out. One person always tries to fight harder for it than the other and I represent the half that is fighting for the … Read More »

Here’s To Looking Back

A popular and rather cliché motivational saying that I have heard tossed around quite a bit lately is to “never look back”. But what would happen if we really never looked back? We would never look back to our experiences, to our successes and failures, to our memories, or to … Read More »

Perspective of the Creator

Why is it that the worst and most difficult times of our lives occur either when we are stuck in a rut or when everything we once thought we knew has been changed forever? We question who exactly we thought we were; and then suddenly, the mindset we have become … Read More »

Life as a freshman in NYC

New York City: Center of the Universe. Land of the fashionably brilliant and land of the fashionably challenged. Here I am, in the middle of all its beautiful chaos, trying to create my own niche in this thing we call life.  Let me tell you, it is not easy, being … Read More »