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Happy New Year!

New Years Eve 2015 at The Leonora

HAPPY 2015!

Last night I got the chance to perform at The Leonora in New York City and I can not think of a better way to ring in the start of a new year full of an unending amount of possibilities than to perform.

I found out that I was booked to perform on Christmas Eve. Although that was like the best Christmas present ever, I really had no time to find an outfit to perform in! Thank God that about a week before Christmas, I had gone to Patricia Field’s in NYC to finish shopping for gifts and I happened to have tried on the most fMy friend Nami and I with our 2015 glassesabulous red sequined mandarin dress, just for fun. The dress was wayyyyy too short for me (it was more like a long T-shirt), but my mom is a genius and thought of making velvet panels to add to the bottom to match the velvet notch details on the bodice of the dress. The store thankfully still had the dress, so I picked it up when I returned to the city from spending Christmas in my hometown with my family. My mom and I worked together to make the panels and sewed them onto the dress. The result was perfection! I am so unbelievably obsessed with this dress, it couldn’t fit me any better.

On New Year’s Eve, the big night, I had a mini New Year celebration with my amazing friend Nami before heading to the club. We sang and danced to every Pharrell song, so fun, and took crazy photos with our sparkly “2015” glasses and then we ended up heading over to the club around 11pm to get the party started.

The Leonora was packed, I’m assuming past maximum capacity, and everyone was dancing and celebrating. I got to do the countdown to midnight and everyone went crazy! Shortly after the start of 2015, I performed “Avalanche” and “Catch A Star For You” with everyone dancing and it was so much fun. I believe in the superstition that whatever you are doing in the very first seconds of a new year foreshadows the type of year that is to come. Because I was performing, I wholeheartedly believe that 2015 will be a year of performing for me, and nothing could make me happier.

2015 is sure to be an amazing year and I hope for peace, prosperity, happiness, and joy for everyone! I hope that the motivation and positive outlook that everyone has now, at the start of 2015, will only grow stronger and provide for the right mindset for everyone to make this year the best one yet. “Sugar and spice, and everything nice”; Glitter and gold, and sparkles so bold.




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